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A bit self-centered. Stubborn. Strong. Sarcastic. Happy. Approachable. A girl you should never mess up with. when I get tired of over-extending myself to a person who doesn’t appreciate it, I’ll stop and never do it again. I'm Patchie :)

"Once a doubter, now a firm believer."
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i. Do not tell me you love me just because you know that I have feelings for you. It would be nice if you’d feel the same for me, but knowing that you just forced yourself to love because of pity, is twice as painful as knowing that you could never love me. Do not force your feelings. If you do, then you do. But if you don’t, that would be fine to me. At the beginning, I already told myself that there is a chance that you may never fall for me the same way as I fall for you and that is okay. I am aware that you cannot get everything you want and things doesn’t always come your way.

ii. Do not tell me you love me just because you got attracted to me. Darling, I am telling you. Love is not just a physical attraction. Love is far beyond that. If you fall because of someone’s physical appearance, then maybe, it’s plain attraction. If you fall because of their wits and their ability to persuade people through their words, or if you fall because of their talents and skills, that for me is admiration. If you fall for their body, then that is lust. But if you fall without any reason, and you just wake up feeling like you cannot live without them, then maybe, that is love. Love has diverse meanings. But you know what I mean, don’t say you love me when you are not sure of what are you feeling. Sometimes, it could be mistaken to crush, infatuations and other stuff. But they are all swallow and love has a deeper context, remember that.

iii. Do not tell me you love me just because you need someone to tell you “I love you too.” If you are feeling empty, and you need you think a significant other immediately, I am sorry but I could never be one. If you really love me, you’ll show your efforts. You won’t mind the test of time. You will definitely wait for the right time. You won’t give up easily just because I didn’t say yes after few months of courtship. If you really want me to say I love you too to you, then make me do it. Show me you are all worth it. If I do see that you are indeed worthy of all the pain I may suffer, then I will readily give you my yes.

iv. Do not tell me you love me when you haven’t seen me at my worst. I am really impulsive. I usually have emotional breakdowns. I am moody. I could be laughing right now, but after just a second, you could see me crying inside my room. I am not that girl who always has her hair fix. Most of the time, you’ll see me in my old loose shirt wearing jeans and my favorite pair of sneakers. You can’t force me to wear heels and skirts because they are not my thing. My hair is always a mess, I eat a lot, I snore when I sleep- those are things that might turn you off. So please, don’t say you love me unless you could handle me during my worst.

v. Do not tell me you love me unless you really do.

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hahahahaha good night!!

i. I sat by the window at our favorite table in our favorite coffee shop. I was drinking my usual when a couple entered and went straight to the counter to order. As they find their way to a table and sat down, just snuggling and giggling, I remembered something. I remembered that we used to be like that. And that was something I want.

ii. I saw in them what we used to have; those staring contests that we have where I suck at because I always get lost whenever I stare into your beautiful brown eyes, those moments wherein we talk about other people guessing what were they thinking at the moment., those times where I would just steal your hand and hold on to it, simply because I want to touch you. To touch you, in its most innocent meaning.

iii. But then everything changed. One sunless winter day, you just became cold and told me that what we had wasn’t going to work out. I let you go, and we moved on. After a couple of years, news around town was that you were getting married. And just as the fates would have it, as I was walking in the rain, I saw you and your fiancé hanging out at the same coffee shop, in the exact same spot where we would sit and you were doing things which used to be ours. I wanted to talk to you, but then I saw that you were happy. I saw that when you looked at him, your eyes would just light up like you were the happiest woman in the world. And I didn’t want to ruin that for you. I want my final memory of you to be happy. And I was happy that you were happy with him.

iv. I want that. What you and your fiancé have. What I thought, for at least a second, you and I had. What I know that random couple in the coffee shop has. I want that. I really do. And maybe it’s not yet my time, and I’m willing to wait. I’m willing to wait for that someone who’d make me smile for no apparent reason. I’m willing to wait for that someone whom I can share anything with. I’m willing to wait for that someone who would make me feel the way you did.

V (What I Should Have Told You That Night)

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Nabasa mo lang yung tfios, pakiramdam mo bookworm ka na.

Anonymous asked: Nakakamiss yung pagiging active niyo dito. Yung tipong mapapatawa ka kahit nakikibasa ka lang. Naks haha :(

Hahahahahahah namimiss na rin namin yung dati eh. What. Hahaha :(

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Happy Birthday Patchie!


Hi omg birthday mo pala hindi ko alam :( ngayon na lang ako uli nagopen ng tumblr kaya yun… I remember pa dati nung first time kong gumawa ng tumblr ikaw yung finollow kong una. Yes, ikaw. So everytime na nagdedeact ako and gumagawa uli ng tumblr, hindi kita nakakalimutan ifollow. Because first of all ang bait bait mo and super approachable, second is sobrang galing mong mag-advice kasi lagi ako nagaanon sayo dati when kelangan ko ng mga advice lalo na pag down ako and gumagaan yung pakiramdam ko hehe, and third is ang ganda mo. Girl crush forevs. Ayun labyu stay as you are enjoy your day mwa!!

Aww ngayon ko lang nakita! Hahahahahahahaha thank you, sobrang naappreciate ko ‘to, As in talaga. Medyo kinilig ako lalo na don sa pag aanon. Hahahahaha! Ingat ka ha? I love you!!!! 

7th of April 2014. Birthdaaaaay!!

#ootd #kotd

#ootd #kotd

All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.

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March 26, 2014

so ayon, nag swimming kaming HR. Hahahahahahahah nung papunta kami nako sobrang sikip sa jeep, nagpa kandong nalang ako kay janelle. Hahahahahahah buti di nainis. tapos nasabihan pa ko ni jomar na para daw akong mag boboracay sa suot ko hahahahaha. Kwentuhan lang hanggang makarating kami sa greenville. Sobrang gv pa kasi ang gago nina kenneth. Hahahah uhm ako nag bayad ng cottage kasi wala lang, treat ko kasi malapit na birthday ko eh di ko naman sila makakasama.

Mga 11am ata pumunta na kami sa mga pool. Una don kami sa 5ft tapos lumipat naman sa 7 ft. Hahahaha hinagis nila ko sa pool :( si jomar humahawak sa kamay ko tapos sa binti, si Cj. Nakakakilig, ang higpit ng hawak ko kay jomar. Hahahahahaha #malandi. Tapos edi ayon, paulit ulit kaming nag slide, sabay pa kami ni Aira. Hahaha bandang 1pm nagpahinga muna kami, kumain ng lunch tapos inuman. Bumili sila ng empe tska mga tanduay ice. =)) ang bilis naubos eh.

Uhm hinintay namin makarating si sir Arth kasi nga may surprise kami para sa birthday niya. Bumili kami ng mga palabok at cake, tapos ayon, ang saya! Hahahaha after namin kumain, swimming nanaman. Naglaro ng hanapan ng piso sa pool, doctor quack quack, pool fight. Basta yon grabe sumakit katawan ko hahahahahahahahaha lalo na don sa pool fight. Nagbubuhat pa sakin si Essele. Nagslide rin kami don sa 138 meters hay ang lupet hahahahahahaha sharp kasi talaga! Hahaha ang sakit sa pwet non seryoso. ang lalim pa. Mga 7pm umalis na kami para umuwi. Tabi kami ni jomar sa jeep ano ba hahahaha tapos yung pwesto namin huhu pagod na pagod na ko non pero nagawa ko pang kiligin hahahahaha nag mcdo muna kami nina Queen, Ivan, Eunice. Nagutom kami eh tapos umuwi na. Mga 9 ata nasa bahay nako. Ang saya saya saya talaga!! :)

Anonymous asked: Magbigay ka ng isang kanta na gusto mong kantahin sayo ng mahal/crush mo. :")

Nothing’s gonna stop us now :)

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

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